Might as Well Face It We’re Addicted to Stuff

If that title conjures up images of gyrating models in tight black dresses with slicked back hair and red lipstick, then you lived the 80s. Ah the 80s, famously known as the Decade of Excess.

Looking back, the 80s were a real turning point in consumption. Up until then, there was less choice and less advertising, but more significantly, less pressure to consume. All that changed in the 80s when ‘Greed became Good”. We started to be told that what we had wasn’t enough, we needed more, better, shinier. That message has become so extreme now. We are completely bombarded with advertising. It is estimated that most Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day! It’s undoubtedly not that different in Australia.

The message has changed subtly too. Instead of “you need this” it’s now, “you are no good unless you have this”, “you will not be happy until you have this”. It’s an outright lie, but nearly all of us have all been brainwashed by the cult of consumption. We have been programmed to consume constantly and mindlessly. The only way out is to STOP and question every purchase.

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