A Change Is Coming

We bought our first home 18 months ago. I was 49. It’s the first time I’ve had a house that’s mine. I spent several years in government housing as a child and have been renting or living at my mother in law’s since then. I’d been dreaming about this my whole life. I couldn’t wait to buy furniture and decorate it. We’d never really bought new furniture before, we had a lot of hand me downs. ‘I deserved this’ I told myself. I like mid century modern and retro styles and I started following Instagram and Pinterest pages and finding vintage stores looking for inspiration. When we moved it, I finally got to start shopping for my dream ‘look’. I bought furniture and items to decorate. Then I started to find it quite stressful because I’d always see something ‘better’ than the thing I’d already bought. I was constantly on Facebook Marketplace looking for things and feeling the pressure to buy because If I saw something vintage, I didn’t want to miss out. I might not see another one. It was really taking the fun out of what I thought would be a fun experience.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a change. I feel…calmer. Less overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure why initially. On reflection, I think the difference is that I feel like I have less mental clutter. My mind doesn’t seem to be as busy. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed since I started looking into minimalism, is that I don’t feel the desire to shop as much as I did. I feel more content with what I’ve already got. My mind is not constantly thinking about looking for bigger and better.

I feel like a smoker who has been hypnotised to stop smoking. I feel like I’ve overcome an addiction. An addiction to constantly wanting more.

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