Actions and Values

I’ve been listening to a podcast lately by The Minimalists. One of their favourite sayings is, “Do your short term actions align with your long term values?” In other words, do the things that you spend your time on on a daily basis, really reflect what’s important to you? I have found this so challenging because it made me realise that my daily actions weren’t necessarily in line with my values. I wasn’t even sure exactly what my values were? I had never really stopped and thought about it. Until now. Over the last couple of months I have tried to focus on finding out exactly what my core values are. Values are principles, things we deem important, they affect our behaviour and character and govern the way we behave. They are the things that are most important to us. I’ve mentioned my health a bit lately because I’ve realised I want to make that more of a priority than I have in the past. Relationships is another value that most people would have at the top of their list. It’s also right up there with ‘health’ as the value we probably don’t give enough of our time and attention to. Sadly, many other values temp us like wealth, status, vanity, possessions and Instagram likes.

Knowing what our values are makes life a little simpler because it helps our focus. It helps us to spend time on those things that are important to us and not get distracted by the myriad of other stuff that surrounds our lives.

You can find an essay about values by The Minimalists at or an article on core values here

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