Minimalism Inspiration

This is not exactly a blog post today. I just wanted to share one of the biggest influences that got me on my current path to re examining my life.

The concept of minimalism was not completely foreign to me. In fact, several years ago, I signed up to Joshua Becker’s newsletter, Becoming Minimalist. I got regular emails of articles that he had written. I never read one. They just clogged up my inbox. I also signed up to The Minimalists blog. I followed them and Colin Wright and Project 333 on Instagram. Again, didn’t actually look at or read any of it.

Then one day, I did notice an Instagram post. Even though I don’t remember exactly what it was about, it triggered me to start listening to The Minimalists Podcast. That was January 2022. Since then, I listen to or read something to do with minimalism pretty much everyday. I’m truly inspired.

So today, I just want to share a TED Talk that The Minimalist did in 2014 that really sums what got me hooked. It is less than 15 minutes long.

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