Mindful Money

What if I told you I made $25,000 this week, all from the comfort of my lounge and wearing my pyjamas.

Minimalism is about having less… and more. One of the areas I’ve been looking at in my life, is my budget. I want less debt and financial stress and more financial freedom. I define financial freedom not by being ‘rich’, but by feeling secure that I can pay my bills and that I have a safety net of savings in case of emergency.

The principles of minimalism in regards to money are like any other resource we have. Be mindful and intentional about how you use it to reduce your stress and have a more meaningful life.

There are two types of budgeters. Those that do, and those that don’t. I’m very much proactive when it comes to trying to reduce my bills and expenses. In fact, I get very excited at the thought of finding a better deal! I get that others prefer to just not think about it, but putting your head in the sand is costing you your hard earned cash.

“The best way to give yourself a raise is to spend less”

Now, I’m not saying you have to eat canned soup and never go on holidays. You could actually save yourself some cash right now without having to give up anything. It will cost you a little of your time.

When we bought out house 18 months ago, we used a mortgage broker. It doesn’t cost us anything. Every six months, I get an email from him saying that he’s got us a lower rate on our loan. I don’t have to do a thing! However yesterday I emailed him and said I think we can get a better rate and said I was looking at a cheaper non bank lender. Within hours he responded by saying he had spoken to our existing lender and they had reduced our loan rate by 0.22% and he had found another loan that is another 0.21% cheaper again if we want to refinance. That’s a saving of $24,253 over the life of our loan!

This trick works for other things too. Your electricity, gas, mobile phone, internet, car insurance, house insurance. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but in exchange for a few hours, you could reduce your expenses by thousands of dollars and how good would that feel?

2 responses to “Mindful Money”

    • Absolutely! You would go to work for a day if you were told you could earn hundreds or thousands of dollars. You don’t even need to get out of bed for this! I do it regularly.


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