The Virus of Negativity

Life After Stuff. I’m realising the ‘stuff’ isn’t just physical items. Negativity is something I’ve been trying to have less of in my life. It creeps in insidiously, through our pores like a poisonous gas. It also spreads rampantly from one person to another, more contagious than a virus and masks cannot protect us from it.

One of the biggest sources is the media. Previously, I’ve switched the telly on at 6pm most nights to watch ‘the news’. I like to know what’s going on, keep up to date on current events. It became a habit, something I did without really thinking about why I was doing it. Instead of catching up on the events of the day, I realised I was just listening to constant negative and catastrophising stories about how life is getting harder, more expensive, more stressful. Conversations between others then carries on this theme, complaining about the cost of buying a house, petrol, a lettuce and of course all things Coronavirus related.

It doesn’t stop there, I’ve noticed nearly every interaction with work colleagues and friends ends up being negative and complaining about something. “Oh, its going to be a long day today (groan)”, “I’m so tired”, “so and so did this or that”, “Ugh, its raining again”. I am as guilty as the next person.

Social media is just the icing on the cake. We now have a platform where we can complain about anything and anyone to an audience of friends and strangers. People say stuff they would never say to others face to face. People can post whatever they want, whether it is true or not and often it’s taken as fact.

All this negative noise seeps into our consciousness and we believe it and we become stressed and anxious and overwhelmed. SO, I’m trying to have LESS of it. Less TV, less ‘news’, less social media, and less negative talk.

I’m trying to catch myself before I say something, and check whether there is a more positive way of saying it. I’m trying to be more conscious of the mindless things I say and do and be more deliberate. And I’m trying to avoid the default position of negative. Because I really do think that things aren’t as bad as the noise would have us believe.

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