I’ve just started a journey to learn how to live more intentionally. For too long I’ve been frustrated by the constant feeling that I need to be, have, do….this or that to be happy. I’m figuring out what my values and priorities really are and trying to live in a way that reflects that. And hopefully other’s find value in the discussions in this blog.

I’m a reasonably good declutterer, have been for years. I’ve Marie Kondo’d the crap out of my crap. But nothing really changed. And now I’ve realised why. Literally, I needed the ’why’ not the ’how to’.

A couple of years ago I heard about Joshua Becker’s Blog, Becomingminimalist and The Minimalists Blog. I followed them on Instagram and subscribed and started receiving their emails. I never actually read them. Too busy. Apparently.

A couple of months ago I started listening to The Minimalists Podcast. I can’t remember why. I’m just thankful I did.