Category: Values

  • Mindful Money

    What if I told you I made $25,000 this week, all from the comfort of my lounge and wearing my pyjamas. Minimalism is about having less… and more. One of the areas I’ve been looking at in my life, is my budget. I want less debt and financial stress and more financial freedom. I define […]

  • Actions and Values

    I’ve been listening to a podcast lately by The Minimalists. One of their favourite sayings is, “Do your short term actions align with your long term values?” In other words, do the things that you spend your time on on a daily basis, really reflect what’s important to you? I have found this so challenging […]

  • Life Gets in the Way

    I had a patient (I’m a nurse) say this to me this week, it was his excuse for not getting a medical issue looked at sooner. I’ve heard this statement plenty of times before, I’ve even said it myself. This time, however, hearing it really stopped me in my tracks and I’ve been thinking about […]